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NOVA, a leading brand in the language school industry in Japan. NOVA's English teachers primarily provide private and small-group face-to-face and online English lessons to clients of all ages and abilities, from young children upwards. Our curriculum is built out of experience and supported by a wide range of in-house developed courses, coursebooks, teaching support materials, and training programs. We have study options for every client's lifestyle and study goal, whether studying for a specific English test such TOEIC® or TOEFL®, studying for a specific purpose, such as business or travel, studying to improve a specific area, such as grammar, or a combination. We are dedicated to delivering high quality language instruction together with opportunities for our clients to learn from and interact with people from different countries and cultures, to achieve the highest levels of success and satisfaction among our clients.

Open positions

NOVA English Instructors (Applying in Japan)
  • Branches throughout Japan, Osaka, Japan
NOVA English Instructors (Applying Outside Japan)
  • Branches thoughout Japan, Tokyo, Japan